Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Tool Tuesday - my PC Dough Scoop

Get it now! Click on Penny's Pampered Chef Site to the left.

This one is the medium size...there are two other sizes.

This thing has made my life in the kitchen so much easier.  I can't stand for long periods of time very well, so when it comes to making things like cookies, meatballs or melon balls this saves soooooo much time!  It's the perfect size, in my opinion, for cookies and meatballs.  The melon balls might be a little big with this one.

All you do is scoop and squeeze.  It drops cookie dough right out.  For meatballs, I drop it into my hand and make it a little more packed and round.  But this way is so much easier because it gets them uniformed instead of me guessing then adding or taking away, thus standing a lot longer.

I'm thinking of getting the smaller one to make smaller versions of my recipes.  Not really sure what you would use the bigger one for....mega cookies?

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