Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Two Meals (or more) in One

Go from Chicken in a Pot


Another thing we will be doing in 2012 is cooking once and eating twice.....or more!  And I'm not just talking about leftovers.  Although some leftovers are pretty awesome.  In fact, my lasagna and Vegetable soup are both actually better the second day.  Do you have recipes like that?

What we will also be doing is making a large meal one day that can then be turned into a completely different dish the next, like making a chicken in the crock pot and using the leftovers in Chicken and Spinach Quesadillas.  Another great one is making the Tex Mex roast and then shredding up the leftovers for tacos.

So start planning now.  Look through your family's favorite recipes.  Do you already have some that could work for this scenario?  If so, start stockpiling the ingredients that will keep or freeze until January when we start doing these kinds of things.

Yes, the meal planning and stockpiling and all the other things I talk about to save time and money take up front planning.  But once you've got yourself organized, it will be a breeze.  Flying by the seat of your pants is how we waste time and money.  Everything worthwhile takes a little planning.  Trust me, you can do it.  It's really not as daunting as it sounds, I promise!

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