Wednesday, November 30, 2011

The Proverbs 31 Wife - Week Ten

Question #10: How are your and your husband's personalities different?  The same?  How do they complement each other?

Well, it really goes without saying that the old adage "opposites attract" is pretty true.  I wonder why though?  Are we looking for something in another person that we know or subconsciously are aware that we are lacking?  More likely God programmed that into us to find the soulmate that completes us.

My husband and I are probably like a lot of you out there.  I'm pretty neat, he's not.  I get riled up, and he's laid back.  I tend to like shopping, he'd be happy to never do it.  And the truth is, I need that.  OK, not the slob part....although he really has improved.  But I need the calm person when I'm going crazy and I need the penny pincher when I want to buy something for every person I know.  So that would be the different part, AND the complement part.

The same?  First and foremost, in the most important way, we are both followers of Christ.  Not having that is going to put a huge strain on your marriage.  In other ways: we like mostly the same kind of music, we like some of the same TV shows, he doesn't watch sports (I know! How awesome is that?!) we like to do some of the same activities, and we're both homebodies for the most part.

Without getting too personal, there are a lot of reasons that he and I see why God brought the two of us together.  And isn't it so cool the way HE does that?  My husband and I are both from different cities from where we live now, yet we met church!  We both have the exact same view on children which is an issue I have seen tear couples apart, and a whole lot more.  God is so good.

Is our marriage perfect....of course not, I don't believe there is one perfect marriage out there.  But it's pretty darn close in my opinion!  Would our marriage be a perfect thing to copy for other couples? Nope.....God made this one just for us.

So next time you complain to your mother or girlfriend about your husband's bad habits, think first.  Is this a difference that really helps us if I weren't being selfish?  Or is it something worth discussing.  Sometimes it gotta have communication!  This question (#10 above) is also a great conversation starter with your spouse....give it a shot.  Let me know how it goes!

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