Monday, April 2, 2012

1 Year to an Organized Life - April Week 1

This week you can:

  • devote yourself to uncovering the unconscious story of your life that you most like to tell
  • learn how to write positive affirmations

This month we will be working on the bathroom.  (ooo, did I just see a lip curl?  c'mon, you can do it!!)  I chose the above pic as my dream bathroom mainly because it is purple and spacious!  I'm not entirely sure I would want to clean a bathroom that big, but it sure does look pretty!

As with the beginning of other months, we will start on ourselves and our thought processes before starting the actual work.  I like how she begins this chapter with a story of a friend who realized that the story we tell people about ourselves usually tends to be in some awful thing that happened to us and that's why we are the way we are.  So true that our experiences shape us.  BUT, we are the ones who can decide HOW they shape us.  Regina says on page 104, "If you change your tune, you not only encourage yourself to better your life, you uplift and encourage others."  

Beth Moore, a leading figure in women's ministry circles, says in the midst of her teaching that she could tell you a story but it would neither bless nor encourage you.  I like that.  Of course our natural curiosity wants to hear it, but if it is not going to be a blessing or an encouragement to ourselves or the people listening, it doesn't need to be shared!  I'm not saying that you can never share anything negative about your life, we all need to vent and get things off our chest.  I'm just saying be careful how you do it, and don't let it "become your story."

The rest of this short chapter is about how to write positive affirmations.  In other words how to take that negative story and turn it into a blessing and/or learning experience.

We will get started on the speed elimination next week.  Right now just take a deep breath and relax with your journal.

Until Next Time.....

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