Monday, April 16, 2012

1 year to an Organized Life - April Week 3

This week you can:
  • examine your large bathroom products such as towels and the shower curtain to see what needs to be replaced
  • see whether you need to do any redecorating or plan to make any structural changes
  • decide whether the current room setup is adequate for you and your family
  • take a look at your linen closet as it works with the bathroom
  • add to your shopping list if needed
This is kind of like the speed elimination only you are making a shopping list!  Yay shopping!!  Regina asks us a lot of questions on page 111 and 112 to guide us through the process.  I'm doing two bathrooms at once.  In one of them, the room is shaped so that there is some wasted space so I had added a small decorative stand with a silk plant with flowers to sit on it.  I took that out and it's going in the yard sale.  I think I would rather have open space and clean lines rather than a silk plant that just collects dust.

Then we move on to checking the walls, the tub, storage space and the linen closet.  The above pic is the linen closet in the master bath.  I'm lucky that this was built in with these pull out drawers.  The linen closets I grew up with were just narrow spaces with shelves where we stacked sheets for everyone's bed.  Since the shelves were kind of far apart, the stack was pretty high.  Of course, my sheets always seemed to be on the bottom, and I had to try to get them out without messing up everyone else's.  Yeah, that didn't work so well.  There three drawers make it so much easier!  The bottom one is sheets, the middle ones is beach towels or oversized ones, and the top one is out everyday towels and wash cloths.  The shelf above that is my husband's and then the top one is mine.  You can find drawers similar to this at places like the Container Store and Bed, Bath, and Beyond that you can install yourself.

So how are you doing so far?  We are almost done with four months!!  Can you believe it?  A couple friends have started to notice.  Not that my house was a pig sty, but it did feel cluttered in some places and now everything flows so well in the areas we have done.  I'm already much happier in my home, how about you?

Until Next Time.....

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