Monday, April 23, 2012

1 year to an Organized Life - April Week 4

This week you can:
  • have fellow Zen organizers over to swap products
  • put newly purchased organizing tools to work
  • create a home spa for yourself
Regina suggests on page 114 to start with the small interior areas first like drawers, cabinets and under the sink.  Always good advice.  When you are tackling a whole room it's always good to start small.  As soon as you have success in a small area, it energizes you to go on to the next.

I didn't add any organizing tools since I was lucky enough to have the built in shelves with pull out drawers, so all I did was clean out, straighten and organize.  When I got that done I decided to dream....thus the picture.

I told you that in one bathroom it is shaped kind of funny with some wasted space.  Well, if you treated that space as a small hallway, since it runs parallel to the shower/tub, and then cut out the wall in the shape of a door way, it could lead to an addition onto the house where my new swim spa would be installed!  Now, THAT'S a spa!!

I used a smaller version of this one in physical therapy and LOVED it!!  The warm water is awesome for arthritis and Fibromyalgia, plus you can get a total body toning workout when you swim.  AND, you don't have to drive over 10 miles one way to the gym get dressed, undressed, dressed again, have a wet head, etc and go back home.  You can do it all at home, then get right in the shower on the other side of the door and move on with your day.  How awesome would that be?!?!?

Yep, just a couple problems with that.  The heating and air unit is on the other side of that wall.  Oh and yeah, I'd have to win the lottery.  But it's fun to dream sometimes!  Just so long as you don't try to live in your dreamworld, it's ok. ;)

Ready to move on to the next area?  How are you doing so far?  We have gotten some major areas done by now.  I'm feeling pretty good about it!

Until Next Time.....

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