Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Treasure Tuesday - Revitalift

How many of you out there have tried a ton of different face products?  I know, me too!  If I had all the money I've wasted trying different things.....

I finally found something I love.  Revitalift by Loreal.  I use the cream cleanser daily.  The moisturizer on the left is a daily one to use after cleansing, and the small one on the right is more intense moisturizer.  I usually only use that one through the winter when my skin is more dry.

I have sensitive, and weird, skin.  In the summer I have more combination skin where it is partly oily, and in the winter it's pretty dry.  I've been able to use this year round.  I also have rather large pores around my nose and chin and this cleans them right out.  Sometimes when using other cleansers I didn't feel like my face was clean because I could still see or feel stuff in these areas.  

Added benefit:  I really wasn't going for the anti-aging thing, but after a few weeks I did notice that my frown lines were considerably less noticeable, especially on my forehead and between my brows as well as those parentheses you get around your mouth.

Everyone's skin is slightly different and everyone will see different results, but if you've been trying to find something for awhile, give this a shot.  In my opinion, it is worth it!

Until Next Time.....

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