Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Creative Uses for Zip Top Bags

Quart size, gallon size, snack size, sandwich size, and even jumbo size....they're all handy!

  1. Just like in this pic, I have one drawer full of cords, jacks, and other small parts for electronics.  It's a lot easier to find things when they each have their own bag!
  2. Place your iPad or other tablet inside before letting your toddler play his games...keeps it from getting sticky or saves it from spills.
  3. Snip one corner off and they make great piping bags for frosting, batter, or my fave, the insides of deviled eggs.
  4. Place ice inside one and rub spilled candle wax from a tablecloth or carpet until hard, then tap with a hammer and vacuum or flick off the chips.
  5. Pour rice into a microwaveable bag and nuke for 2 minutes then place on achy joints or muscles.
  6. Fill a bag with white vinegar and then rubber band it around your shower head and leave overnight to clean it.
  7. Knead dough inside the bag to keep fingers and counter top clean.
  8. Place meat into to pound flat.
  9. Pour in soup, then stack in freezer to save space.
  10. I use all kinds of zip top bags in my yard sale.  Place small items, or things that go together and usually get lost when people start rummaging.  The price tag can also go on the inside or get written in permanent marker to keep from losing prices.

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