Monday, January 21, 2013

What Money Isn't

We can budget and plan all we want, but without understanding money, none of it will work.  Let's start by talking about what money ISN'T.

  • not a measure of love...material gifts and pursuits do not equal love.  Deep abiding love cannot be purchased.  Buying things to make ourselves feel better is similar to taking drugs to make you feel batter.
  • not a gauge of worth...God does not judge you based on your bank account or net worth, but on your heart.  Our financial picture has no impact on our value in God's eyes.
  • not a reward for spiritual living...God's economy is not ours.  Remember that it says in the Bible that His ways are not our ways.  In God's economy, blessings come not through financial gain, although He sometimes chooses to bless us in that manner, but rather, in the form of purity of heart, grace, love and peace.
  • not a guarantee of does not bring happiness.  Maybe a temporary good feeling, but our souls want so much more.  Something richer and deeper and much more permanent than the world's economy has to offer.
Think about these things this week while you continue to build your $1000 emergency fund and beyond.  Examine your feeling about money and how much it may control you and your thinking.  Next week we will discuss what money IS.

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