Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Time Saving Tips

  1. when you plan your clothes the night before also pick out shoes and any other accessories
  2. stagger wake up times for every member of the family if you have to share a bathroom
  3. shake wet clothes out as you put them in the dryer as they will dry faster with fewer wrinkles
  4. shop when stores are almost empty like early morning and late evening
  5. set a timer for a task; you go faster when trying to beat the clock
  6. to dust blinds, put socks on both hands to go twice as fast
  7. at work, start with your most difficult tasks when you are fresh
  8. set a homework hour, deadlines get things finished and there is no squabbling about when to do it
  9. bake eggs in a muffin tin then refrigerate; microwave and put on an english muffin during the morning rush
  10. while laundry is running in the machines, use that time to do other time consuming projects

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