Thursday, January 3, 2013

Triceps One Arm Press

Lay down on your left side and stack your legs with knees slightly bent.  Put your left hand on your right shoulder.  Put your right hand flat on the floor near your left elbow and push up until your arm is straight.  Think of a one arm push up but on your side.  Do this 12 times then switch sides and do 12 times.

The first day I did this, I realized I would have to do it on the bed or couch.  It killed my hips for all of my weight to be on them and pushed into the floor as I pushed up.  The bed works great, and since it's softer than the floor I think I'm pushing a little more, so maybe an extra benefit for the triceps!  I also noted that my obliques were getting a little workout in the push up as well.  I'll take all the two-for-ones I can get.

Do this one exercise for a week.  Next Thursday we will add another triceps move to this workout and we will do both of them for a week.  By the end of 6 weeks you will have a complete 6 move triceps workout and you should start seeing a difference by then.

For next week, you will need a stability ball.

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