Monday, January 30, 2012

1 Year to an Organized Life - February Week 1

February Week One: Bedroom Questions
This week you can:
  • diagnose your bedrooms' shortcomings
  • devise a plan to transform your bedroom
  • take a clinical look at your wardrobe
As with the first week of January, this week is mostly about looking around and asking yourself some questions.  You want your bedroom to be a sanctuary.  The above picture is not my bedroom, but pretty close to what I would want it to be.  I don't care for the flower pattern on the pillows or the edge of the rug, but check out those windows and that view.  Wonder how I can get that here in the woods!!

As I was going through the questions and finding out what I did and did not like about my current bedroom, I realized that I did not really involve my husband in the transformation of the kitchen.  He knew I would be going through this book and blogging about it, but he was basically unaware of the little details since I'm doing this while he is at work.  For the past week I have been getting a lot of "where do we keep this now?" kind of questions.  I figured I'd better involve him a little more on the rest of the house.  I still did the questions myself to see how I felt, then when he came home we went over some of it together.

As you see in the picture the bedroom is purple.  Not going to happen in real life.  When we were engaged, my husband and I did a Bible study about marriage.  One of the things we had to do was go through a list of chores and decide who would do what then compare notes.  One of the things was decorate the house and he put "together".  I thought that was so sweet that he would want to actually do that together.  He said he had to be sure I didn't hose the place down in purple. HUMPH!

So our bedroom, and the rest of the house for that matter, is builder beige still, with the bedspread and curtains having blue flowers on them.  Blue is his color.  But we cam up with a compromise, and here is what we will need to do to make our bedroom a sanctuary for both of us.

I picked out the lightest shade of blue in the pattern of the linens.  I like it, not as much as purple, but really this probably would be my second choice.  We are going to paint the walls this color and get a new set of sheets as close to this color as possible.  He mentioned crown molding, but I doubt that will happen, and that's ok.  I think just having the paint alone will make it a whole new room.

Other little details will be going through clothes and getting rid of things we just don't wear and lining all the drawers so the wood on the inside doesn't catch on socks and sweaters.  There won't be much to get rid of, as once again, I already did a lot of that this summer.  But I know of a few things without even looking that should go.  Oh, and we need to clean out underneath the bed.  I'm not even sure what's under there......yikes!

I'm really looking forward to this!!  So, how did you do in January?

Until Next TIme.....

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