Monday, January 2, 2012

1 Year to an Organized Life - January Week 1

Why am I like This?  Time Questions.

So you have read the introduction, January overview and now Week one. This week you can:

  • make friends with your new journal and examine your past for clues to the present reality
  • discover where the time goes and how you currently use it
  • understand your real goals in life
  • craft a plan to use the time in a way that enables you to achieve your goals
There will be journal questions occasionally this year to help you reflect and realize how you got to where you are and what steps to take to change it around.  I got a simple 1 subject notebook for this and could hardly wait to get started!  

This week's journal questions are all about how you use time and past habits of using time, then making a plan for using your time more wisely.  I have always told my friends who use the excuse "I don't have time" that they have more time than they think they do, and this exercise will prove it.  I have always done "pretty well" when it comes to time management....I'm excellent at the planning!  I've got a color coded day planner to prove it!  But I have my down falls as well.  

Looking into the past included looking at how my parents viewed time management as well.  In some respects, although I knew how they handled things, it was a bit of an eye-opener.  They had two completely different views on it...which I'm going to guess is probably pretty typical.  

So then I actually wrote out how I spent my time, and I knew where this was going.  For me there wasn't a surprise.  I knew exactly where I spent most of my time that could be put to better front of the TV.  It is hard with the FM and arthritis that I'm supposed to take regular rest periods.  My problem is I'll rest by turning on the TV and DVR and saying, "just a 30 minute show, then back to work".  When that show is over, I always want to watch another.  Especially if I have multiple episodes of some of my favorite shows.  

From this activity, it was time to plan what I really WANTED to do with my time.  Not only the actual hours, but setting goals as well.  Of course for me those goals include executing all tasks that I've assigned myself each day without letting the TV disrupt my plan.  Sounds simple, but can be very hard, especially those days where I need to put my leg up for a while.

But if I want to change, it all boils down to how much do I want to?  The instant gratification of the TV is human nature, but I also know that accomplishing my goals brings a deeper satisfaction with myself and my surroundings.  I just have to keep reminding myself of that.  Luckily, Regina states in the book, that a habit is formed after 21 consecutive days of doing it.  Come on!  We can do this for 3 weeks can't we?  Of course we can!

As Regina states at the end of week 1, decide what you really want from life, do any research needed to make this dream come true, schedule the steps needed to get there, and communicate your goals to those who share your life.  And I'll add, join the discussion here or on the Facebook page for yet another realm of accountability.  Together we can achieve 1 Year To an Organized Life!

Next week: creating schedule and routines!  I've so got this one!!

Until Next Time.....


  1. I am enjoying your blogging. Guess for me, I have to decide if that is one place I can improve. My biggest downfall is following thru on my plans. I am good at cutting coupons, but do I remember to take them with me. I am great at getting supplies for projects...are they done yet! LOL...Okay, I will be a avid reader!

  2. You can do it! I have faith in you! all it takes is a decision and if you stick with it for a little while, it will be second nature!

  3. This is gonna be fun...I can tell. Adele and I have a LOT in common. You should see my craft closet!