Monday, January 23, 2012

1 year to an Organized Life - January Week 4

Whip your kitchen into shape!

This week you can:

  • sort your cooking tools and gadgets into related categories
  • divide your kitchen space into activity zones
  • complete the elimination process
  • decide how to make the best use of your counter space
  • bring the pantry into order
  • conquer the scary areas of the kitchen (sink, frig, and junk drawer!)
While this did take some time, I thought it was really fun!  Please don't give up now!!  You will feel so energized and ready to use your kitchen when you are done.  It's almost like getting a present you really wanted for Christmas!!  This pic is just one of the drawers I redid using the rolling technique Regina suggested.  I don't have the little basket for the chip clips yet, but you can see where it will go.  The best policy is to have those things already purchased and ready to go so your kitchen is complete at the end of this day, but I've got a Target gift card coming in the mail so I'm waiting for that.  No sense spending cash when you have a gift name is Frugal Franny after all!

First of all, pick a time of day that you will work best: first thing in the morning, late at night, while the kids are at school, Saturday morning while others are sleeping in.  Then be prepared.  Have all the baskets and dividers you'll need to complete the job.  You figured out what you needed last week during the speed elimination and planning.  Also have an area cleared and clean for pulling everything out.  Before I started, I cleaned the kitchen as it was, wiping down the counters with antibacterial cleaner so when I pulled everything out of a drawer or cabinet it was sitting on a clean surface.  

I then followed Regina's plan of action: I went through every drawer, then upper cabinets, then lower cabinets, leaving under the sink for last.  Remember when you are doing this you are not JUST cleaning, you are organizing which will include a system of maintenance. (Leeds, P.35)  Also clean out drawers and cabinets while everything is out.  I like to use antibacterial kitchen cleaner rather than just water. If you find a bunch of those packages you get from take out that have a fork and napkin in it, take those to work or school, someone is always looking for utensils there!

When I read page 39 where Regina says you'll be surprised that you will still have something to throw out after last week, I didn't really think so, but she was right.  It was only a couple of things, but it was great to have that much more room!  

Cleaning off the fridge, I have to say, I didn't really like.  I got rid of stuff we didn't really need, and that was good, but now it looks so stark white.  It's like when you take decorations down after a holiday.  I know that I'll get used to it and it will be easier to clean this way, it was just a little shock.

Now I want to know how your January went.  Were you successful?  Are there things you need to go back and do because you ran out of time?  Does it feel good?  Personally, I am loving it so far!  I can hardly wait to tackle the next space, and I am looking forward to cooking some big meals in "new" kitchen!

Until Next Time.....

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