Wednesday, January 18, 2012

The Proverbs 31 Wife - Week Seventeen

Question #17: How important is it to be beautiful to your husband?  How important is it to your husband for you to be beautiful?  What's your definition of beauty?  What are some things you do to look or feel beautiful?

Beauty....ACK!  I know that God made me and in His eyes I am Beautifully and Wonderfully made.  I also know in the eyes of the world I am not beautiful at all.  I don't think I'm ugly, just very plain.  So I really, really don't like this topic!

Of course I want to be beautiful to my husband.  On our Wedding night he said to me, "Why can't you look like that every day!" It was almost the shortest marriage on record!  No, I knew he was kidding and it was his way of complimenting how I looked that day. I would love for him to think I'm beautiful every day.  He does tell me, usually on a Sunday on the way to church, "You look beautiful today."  I have a hard time believing it, and more often than not think he's just trying to be nice or butter me up for something.

How important is it for my husband?  He really is not one of "those" guys.  He is perfectly happy with me just the way that I am.  We've had those discussions where if you could change one thing...I always say something about my body or my teeth, and he always says that even if we were rich he wouldn't let me; that I'm fine just the way I am.  "Fine"; something every woman wants to hear, right?  But He really means it and in a good way.  I'm very lucky to have found my husband, no he's not perfect, but he's a lot better than most guys out there, in my humble opinion!!

Some things I do to look or feel beautiful?  Well, of course getting my hair done, or wearing my best clothes, or what I feel very comfortable in.  Putting on a little makeup helps too.  I don't do my makeup like I did in the 80's (everyone says thank goodness!!) it's very subtle, but just enough to make my eyes pop and even out my complexion.

I think the thing that makes you most beautiful, though, is having confidence, a positive outlook and inner peace....all of which comes directly from God.  If you hang your head, feel worthless, or are constantly worrying, your outward appearance can reflect that, and people pick up on it.  Are those thing easily achieved, no, not always.  But with some prayer and time spent in the Word, and some honest reflection, you too can be beautiful!  Let's work on that together!

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  1. I work from home in PJ's most days and only put on "street" clothes when I have to go somewhere. I try to look decent while running errands, but for dates, I always want to look my best. For me, that means that my hairstyle is decent and that I'm wearing clothes that compliment my figure. I don't wear makeup, hubby doesn't like it anyway, so it really doesn't take much for me to "clean up" my image.

    I will admit though, that I always feel absolutely stunning when I get a fresh "do" at the salon! My confidence goes up a few notches as well. :)

    BTW, for our wedding, hubby wanted *no* makeup on his bride. A friend offered to make my face a little less shiny for the big day. I hadn't agreed to anything, since I don't like makeup, but I did give it some serious thought. Hubby wanted to see me the way that he sees me every day and didn't want his wedding pictures to have a stranger in them. He was adamant about that! :)