Wednesday, January 25, 2012

The Proverbs 31 Wife - Week Eighteen

Question #18: How often do you pray for your husband?  What's a prayer you've seen answered?

I can honestly say that I pray for my husband daily, and mostly multiple times a day.  My most common prayer is that he would be safe, happy, and healthy.  The multiple part comes in on the safety.  My husband travels a lot for his work.  Not the overnight in a motel kind of travel, but the hours of driving kind.  A lot of times he's going onto job sites and in the middle of nowhere and on uncharted roads.  He has to travel in any kind of weather and a lot of times in the early morning or early evening dark.  Of course I worry.  So I'm constantly praying for his safety.  

I also want him to be happy.  His job can be stressful and I'm sure it's even more so for him now that I'm not working and he's the only one bringing a paycheck home.  But he does seem pretty happy.  He wakes up in the morning whistling and singing, much to my chagrin, and he comes home greeting all of us with a big smile on his face.

And of course I want him to be healthy.  You already heard his appendix story in a previous post.  I worry sometimes that he doesn't tell me the whole story if he doesn't feel well.  And his father died relatively young, and he had a "heart attack like" episode a couple years ago.  I want to grow old with him here with me, not in a nursing home either!

The biggest thing I can see that God has done for my husband that I have prayed for, is bless his business.  There used to be three partners, and one left, leaving my husband mostly in charge and he is the treasurer.  My husband is a penny pincher....good for business.  There would be times that he would go without a paycheck to be sure there was enough money for his employees.  Now God has blessed his good business practices and ethics and he hasn't gone without a paycheck since that partner left.  Plus he has been able to give small bonuses.  No small feat in this economy!  God has definitely answered my prayers "YES" in that respect.

But we need to keep in mind that God always answers our prayers, it just might be "not now" or flat out "no".  It is always important to pray for God's will to be done and for Him to do what is actually best for us, not necessarily what we want.  This can be a hard pill to swallow when we don't get our way immediately, but I have to say all the way up to this point in my life, prayers have always been answered (ok, there is one or two still pending) with my best interest in mind.  I have been disappointed at the time, but things have always ended up being just right for me.  Obviously, God does know best!

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  1. Made my morning Franny! Just what I needed to read. Ty. Have a great weekend.

  2. My husband travels quite a bit daily as well and doesn't have much time to sit in his office taking care of administrative needs. When he comes home, he's happy, but often has to work from his home office to keep his workload manageable. He has taken pay cuts in order to continue to pay his guys and in order to hire more people, when needed. Last night, we talked about how he will soon be able to hire another person *and* give himself a raise - in this economy. Like your husband, mine has been blessed with a steady load of clients. One of the biggest is our church! :)

    I work from home. My blog posting that will go up later today is about thankfulness for *being* employed.

    Praise the Author of our lives for answering our prayers according to His will. I have a few outstanding prayer requests that have yet to be answered, and patience isn't a strength that I have, so it's killing me. Knowing that Father knows best helps to pass the time while waiting for a response. :)