Tuesday, January 17, 2012

2012 - New Year New You: Portion Control

There is a ton of information out there about portion control.  Some people like to eyeball it, and some people like to weigh things, while others use containers for exact measurement.  Whichever way you are, you can find pictures, graphs, and items out there.  I have seen plates made specifically for portion control that are partitioned and then have pictures of meat and vegetables so you know where to put them on the plate and then don't overflow the partitions.  I have seen posters where they compare the correct portion to some part of your hand.  The palm is vegetables, the thumb is something else, the tip of the thumb is fats, etc.

I wish I had a kitchen scale, but I don't, so I use measuring cups and containers.  In the picture above from left to right we have 1 cup containers....which are also made for the freezer...4oz containers, which are used most often for fruits and vegetables as that is one serving, and also a lot of snacks, the the small ones are smidgets which hold 1oz perfect for peanut butter, dressing, or other condiments...also great for carrying pills!  These are all from Tupperware.  (yes, I used to sell it)  I like these not only for the exact size, but being able to store them in the fridge, freezer or cabinet and I'm not throwing out a bunch of baggies when I'm done.  I can wash them and reuse.

The other great advantage to using containers like this, is that you can still buy in bulk to get a better deal, then break it down into serving sizes in these containers.  I have some other 8oz containers not pictured that I put mini marshmallows in for a single serving size.  I use the 1 cup ones in the pic for main dishes, especially casseroles, to save for later....my own frozen entrees!

You will never hear me preaching about this diet or that diet.  For some people a specific diet may work great for you, so long as you understand it is a lifestyle change, not just a temporary thing.  For me, controlling my portions is what works best.  I don't deprive myself of anything, which can just make a person want it all the more, or make them very crabby, I just cut back on the amount of something I have.  The containers help tremendously for me in that respect.  If I have a whole bag or a whole container of something right in front of me, it is so easy to eat more than I should, but if I measure it out first, I'm ok.  And you might think that you are depriving yourself, but really it's plenty of food, especially if you eat a little slower and stop at the end of your 1 cup and let your mind and stomach catch up with each other.  Those few times where you really are still hungry, have an extra little bit of fruit or veggies to fill you up.

I wish you were all right here near me so that I could sell off my extra Tupperware containers, but if that kind of thing interests you, you can find a Tupperware salesperson through their website, or find containers at places like Wal-Mart and Target that are similar.  It really does work I promise.  Take it from someone who would rather not ever diet or think about food intake.  If I can measure it out and still be happy, you can too.  Give it a shot!

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