Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Treasure Tuesday - Farkle

This game is really fun!  I hadn't heard the name until I moved here, but we had a game just like it back home called 10,000 because you play to 10,000 points.  It's really very simple and you don't even need to buy the game cup, although I've seen it at Wal-Mart and Walgreens for only $4.99.

All you need is 6 dice.  A cup makes it a little easier especially for smaller hands, but I use a kid's meal cup from pizza hut for Yahtzee, that'll work just fine.

To "get on the board" you have to score 500 points.  You pull aside any scored dice and can keep rolling to add points as long as you want so long as you score points.  As soon as you roll your leftover dice and don't score any points you LOSE all the points you had so far and it's the next person's turn.  Once you are on the board, there is no minimum amount you have to score on your turn, so the next time you could have just 350 points, for example. If you use all 6 dice and they are all scored, you can pick up all the dice and keep rolling adding to that score so long as you actually earn points.  If you don't you lose everything you've built up during this turn.

The first person to 10,000 MAY win!  If you score 10,000 or more, everyone else has one more turn to try to beat you, but if no one does in their single turn, you win.  Here's one way to score it, I've seen some different amounts in Farkle vs. 10,000.

ones = 100 points
fives = 50 points
the following must happen on a single roll, you can save up for it
three of a kind = that amount hundred (three 1s = 300, three 2s = 200 yes, it's less)
four of a kind = 1000
five of a kind = 2000
six of a kind = 3000
1-6 straight = 1500
three pair = 1500
four of a kind PLUS a pair = 1500
two triplets = 2500

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