Wednesday, January 11, 2012

The Proverbs 31 Wife - Week Sixteen

Question #16:  Does your husband listen to your advice?  How do you influence him?  How do you influence your family?

Funny that's it's over.  We hadn't been married a year yet when my husband started having really bad pain in his side.  This went on for a few days.  I kept telling him to go to the doctor, but he said he had been to the doctor for this exact same pain and they won't do anything.  They said he basically had a colicky colon.  I wasn't buying that.  I worked in a hospital for 9 years and knew a little anatomy and I had had my appendix out!  I had to end up literally yelling at him to go to the doctor.  That morning he was having a particularly hard time, and I said you WILL call the doctor as soon as they open.  He said he would go to the walk in clinic but that's all.  Luckily for him he got a PA who was very thorough and very intelligent.  He was sent straight to the hospital for a CT scan.  My husband called me at work and said "uh, I just had a CT scan and now they are fixin' to take me to surgery and remove my appendix." MEN!!!!  After that he promised me that if I ever told him he had to go to the doctor he would go.  Pretty drastic way to influence someone, but some people are just hard-headed!

In other ways, I influence my husband my having a well thought out argument.  If I want a big change or to get "my way" about something, I have to have good reason why my idea is better.  And really that would be the only reason for me....if I can clearly see a better way to do something or to change anything I will speak up and give all the reasons why.  I'm lucky in that my husband will always listen to me....and by listen I mean open his ears....he doesn't always agree.  But if you truly believe in something and have evidence to back it up, speak up.  Marriage is a partnership.  Yes, we are to submit to our husbands , but that doesn't mean we have to be a silent partner.  That also doesn't mean we can be a nag who must always get our way either.  We should always have the best interest of our family at heart, and of course anything God says comes before any of us.  Remember, you always catch more flies with honey and a well thought out argument! ;)

As for influencing my "children", that's easy.  If you've been around you are aware that my children are four-legged.  To influence them all I need is a Milkbone.  Ah, if everything else were that simple!

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