Wednesday, February 29, 2012

The Proverbs 31 Wife - Week Twenty Three

Question #23: How consistent are you in your housekeeping tasks?  How consistent are you in spending time reading your Bible and praying?  Do you find the two go hand in hand?  Why or why not?

I am usually very consistent in my housekeeping, the only thing that stops me are unexpected needs of others or a migraine.  How do I manage to keep on top of it all?  I have to schedule it.  If you've followed me for long you know that I literally, on a calendar in red ink, schedule all my housekeeping chores.  For example I am actually writing this on a Friday which is laundry day.  That's right, I schedule laundry.  When I worked at school, laundry day was Saturday.  I start as soon as I get up and I do one load right after the other and I do not stop until it's all done, folded, hung and put away.  It's the only way I CAN do it.  If I tried to squeeze in a load here and there, I would forever be forgetting I started one and the clothes would sit in the washer getting mildewy and I would have to wash them again, or they would sit in the dryer getting wrinkled and I DO NOT iron!!  (that's not a matter of thinking I'm too good to do it, it's that I really stink at it and somehow manage to iron wrinkles INTO the clothes!)  Sometimes I can't get away from an appointment on Fridays or something else, but if I have to leave I pick up right where I left off when I get back.  Knowing it's laundry day helps that I don't forget a load.  Also, if I'm at home all day, which is how I try to plan it.....that's right, most every Friday I never leave the house.....then I will do some power cooking while the loads are going (cooking more than one thing) clean the kitchen, work on the blog, balance the checkbooks, etc. It's the perfect multitasking day.  On other days I have bathrooms scheduled, and mopping.  I vaccuum and clean the kitchen every day.

If I'm going to schedule something as mundane as chores, shouldn't I also schedule something as important as time in the Word?  Of course!  Bible study is also scheduled on my calendar in lime green.  Right now I'm doing two different studies, Brave and The Story.  I like to start out my day doing my chores and then once they are completed, sit down to my Bible.  I know I probably just shocked someone, but that's the way it works for me.  See, for me, if I sat down to my Bible first, the back part of my brain would be saying "we should probably also vacuum this chair today while we have the sweeper out", and "did I remember to wash all the microfiber towels, 'cause I have to clean bathrooms today".  That's just the way my mind wanders.  But if I have done all my chores for the day, my mind does a way better job of focusing on the Bible study and I don't rush through it.  I know I can spend as long as I like in the Word since all of my chores are done.

So do they go hand in hand?  I never really thought about it before, but I guess for me they kind of do. I get all my chores out of the way so I can allow myself to comfortably spend as much time as I like in the presence of God without distractions.  It also makes me feel better that I took care of my responsibilities.  Work is talked about in the Bible and God thinks it is important, and important enough that we should do our best.  This is the way I am able to do my best.

Until Next TIme.....

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