Wednesday, February 8, 2012

The Proverbs 31 Wife - Week Twenty

Question 20: How have you handled unexpected crisis situations?  Disappointments?

I think I'm kind of ashamed to say that I handle crisis better than disappointment.  I am usually cool as a cucumber in the middle of a crisis, doing whatever needs to be done with a single-minded focus.  Sometimes I have been known to break down after the crisis is over, but I'm great in the middle of it.

Disappointment is something else....and I don't know why!  Disappointment is discouraging and depressing.  Disappointment can be an open wound, very hurtful.  Maybe it is because disappointment is often associated with a person.  A crisis I would define as something unavoidable.  But disappointment could sometimes be avoided. At least that is what comes to mind when I hear the two words.

Crisis has happened in our marriage in a few ways.  My grandmother and father have both died, he had an aunt die.  My husband had an emergency appendectomy, I've had a couple of operations, and my mother broke her femur as we were all coming into town to give her a surprise 65th birthday party.  We both rose to the occasions and did what we had to do.  There were often expenses and emotions involved, but we worked through it and came out the other side stronger for the experiences.

Disappointment is another story.  I have been disappointed many times with my husband forgetting to do something he promised, or if I were to be totally honest, with something I think he should have done but he had no clue!  These things can hurt more sometimes because they can seem intentional.  With a death, that person had no control over it....they did not leave you on purpose in most cases.  I don't always handle disappointment well.  I usually get mad.  I might even yell.  I will almost always point out what it was and stand there with a hurt look on my face.  On the rare occasion I might even cry.  

Why does disappointment give us that feeling?  I don't know, I don't have the answer to that.  I wish I did.  I suppose rather than focusing on how disappointment makes us feel, maybe we should focus on how to be content?  As long as we are on this earth there are going to be things that disappoint us.  This world is an imperfect place.  But with God's help, and a better focus, we can learn to be content with what He has given us in the time and place He has given us.  I definitely need to remember that the next time I star to feel disappointment!  Here's something we can all work on together.  Here's hoping you can be content!

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