Wednesday, February 1, 2012

The Proverbs 31 Wife - Week Nineteen

Question #19: Have you experienced unemployment in your family?  Has your spouse?  What was it like?

When I was in middle school or the beginning of high school, my dad lost his job.  My parents were already divorced so this didn't affect me as much as some families.  He was living with my grandmother anyway, so he was never homeless, but he lost his car.  If it wasn't for her I don't know what would have happened to him.  I still saw him every weekend, and like I said it really didn't change anything.  We spent most weekends cooking, watching TV, and hanging out at bars.  Yep, I've been hanging out at bars ever since I can remember.  Things weren't so restricted back then.  People thought it was cute for a guy to bring his daughter in to drink with him.  I really learned patience through that.  I can wait for hours entertaining myself while whomever I am with does their own thing.  I played hours and hours of video poker, and whenever I had fundraisers at school, I was done with my quota in a matter of minutes.  Guys at a bar will buy anything from a little kid!  I guess I just learned to make the best of any situation because I had absolutely no control over it whatsoever.....maybe that's while I like control now?  Just kidding!!  I was lucky that my mom was a major penny pincher and hard worker.  We never had much, but we always had a home and food and clothes, even if they weren't cool!

Now, my unemployment is by choice.  It was not any easy choice, and we planned for it.  Most of my paycheck was put aside for quite some time to build up a nest egg.  We sold my car, and changed a few things in the budget so I could do this.  It's still very scary.  Every time I pay the bills and a little is chipped away from that egg I get nervous.  There is plenty I know, but it's still scary.  Then when things get iffy at my husband's work, I worry even more.  He is always so busy meeting deadlines.  But those people that impose those deadlines aren't quite as quick to pay their bills when it's their turn!

I guess I really need to pay attention to what I said in the first paragraph! I did learn patience (where did that go?) I didn't worry as much, and I knew I would be taken care of, even if it wasn't going to be at the highest level.  I need to realize that I am in MY promised land.  Is it perfect here? No, but it's not going to be while we are on earth!  But it's better than I've ever had in my life.  Yes, I have health problems and I can't do everything I want to, but that's not what it 's all about.  I am working at home, I am taking care of my family who loves me seemingly unconditionally, we have a home, plenty of food, clothes, and can go do some fun things around here that don't cost much money.  It is a promised land!  It may not be your idea of it, but it is darn close to perfect for me....and it started with unemployment!

That is just my story.  I know that unemployment is causing awful problems in our country today, and I'm not making light of that fact.  But for us, at this moment in time, it's a good thing.

Until Next TIme.....

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