Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Treasure Tuesday - Kindle

I love, love, love my Kindle!!  This is actually my second one.  I got my first one for Christmas about 3 years ago.  It was the DX....the big one the size of a piece of copy paper.  I really liked the bigger screen on it as it was easier to read, and it still fit in a tote bag to go on vacation with me, but it was too big to fit into my purse if I was going to a doctor's appointment or out to eat by myself.  So, this Christmas I traded in my bigger one for this one.  It still has the keyboard, which I like, and is small enough to fit into my purse.  The screen is bigger than the small ones used to have and I can change the font size so it's easier to read.

Most of the books I have on here were actually free.  There are a ton of books offered for free on Amazon for your Kindle.  They range from the classics, to cookbooks, to series, to new books.  A lot of times the book will only be offered for free for a very short period of time so it can gain some word of mouth praise to boost sales.  So I regularly check out what is offered for free.

I'll never give up reading real books.....I am a librarian.....but this makes it so much easier to carry around anything I want to read.  You should get one!

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