Wednesday, March 7, 2012

The Proverbs 31 Wife - Week Twenty Four

Question #24:  Do you agree with Sara that the wife is the thermostat of the home?  Why or why not?  If you had to assign a temperature to yourself, what would it be?  Why?  What do you wish it would be?

Yes, totally agree with Sara on this one.  My husband just told me the other day that he’s stressed when I’m “mad” at him.  So if I give off those kind of vibes it changes my husband’s mood and attitude.  And I'm sure you have heard the saying "if momma ain't happy, ain't NO ONE happy"!  An upset wife upsets the harmony of the home...of course the same could be said for a grumpy husband, but we're here to work on ourselves.  We should set the tone not only in our demeanor and attitude, but the tidiness and overall look of the home.  I know I sound a little like a 1950's home-ec textbook there, but it's just the plain ol' truth.  And I firmly believe that is what God wants from us as well.  That being said, wait til you read the next part.

If I had to assign a temperature to myself it would probably be medium-high….and not just because of the hot flashes!  I do tend to get upset more quickly than I wish I would.  Just the other day I had a nice dinner planned to be ready when my husband came home.  I was kneading dough and my mom called…I ignored the phone but tensed up about it.  Then he called and I answered the phone with doughy hands.  He was going to be late because of a wreck (not him, just one on the road).  But given what I was making I had to keep going and because of the interruptions I forgot two extra things that I wanted to do with the recipe leaving it very bland.  Because I was so worried about getting this done, I hadn’t eaten in quite some hours, so by the time my husband got home I was very “grumpgry” and it wasn’t a very good time or meal.  All because of me really.  It could have turned out so much better if I would have just had a better attitude or not worried about it so much.  In other words, sometimes I try too hard to be "perfect" and when it doesn't work out I get mad.  And when I get mad everyone around me knows it.  I blame it on the red hair!  Just kidding, it's a very bad habit of mine that is taking years to work on.  

So needless to say I wish I was more medium-low or simmer.  I like being a little sassy.  I don't want to turn into someone who just looks at the floor all the time and never stands up for herself (only when necessary) or is too wishy-washy.  My husband likes my spunk too, only just not when it goes too far.  After all, a little heat in a marriage is a good thing….just not a forest fire!

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