Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Tool Tuesday - Multiple Crock Pots

Yep, I have three crock pots, 2.5 qt, 4.5 qt, and 6.5 qt.  Good for a couple reasons.  First the different sizes.  Your pot is supposed to be at least half full.  If I were making meatballs, peppers and onions in the big 6.5 qt, stuff would burn at the edges because there is empty space.  Also not good for the crock liner to get hot without anything  or enough in it.  It will crack....let's just say that I speak from experience. I would really like to have a 3.5qt, if they make that size.  I have a couple things that were too big for the smallest and not quite enough for the next size up.

The second reason, when I am power cooking I can have three pots going at once.  For example, when I get whole chickens on sale sometimes I like to go ahead and roast them in the crock pot and then make stock.  I strip the meat and will vacuum seal it and freeze it.  Then I'm ready when I need a quick meal as the meat is already cooked. If one of my chickens is small enough, I can have one in all three pots, actually I can get two in the 6.5qt.  

Another good thing about having these was Thanksgiving and Christmas....and any other time I have a big get together.  You can get side dishes going in these to free up oven and stove space.  It also saves time and it's a lot easier to get everything to be done all at the same time.  

These were not that expensive, you can get them now for less than $20, and the small ones for around $10.  My big one was a little more pricey because it's digital and has a timer and automatically switches to warm when done.  A good investment all the way around, I think!

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