Monday, March 19, 2012

1 year to an Organized Life - March Week Three


This week you can:
  • clear out obvious paper clutter
  • stock up on appropriate office supplies
  • be sure to have a file box, holder or cabinet and all filing supplies for next week
I am loving the speed elimination rounds every month, do you?  This is the best way to get rid of the obvious stuff you don't need anymore.  Just don't think too hard, go with your gut instinct.  I'm getting pretty good at this.  

I know from comments I have gotten on the blog and through emails that most of you think I'm pretty organized.  Well, let the above pic burst that bubble for you!  Look at my desk.....and that is actually not too bad, it has been much worse!  I like to call it organized clutter (although Regina would probably roll her eyes!) believe it or not I do know exactly what is in each one of those piles.  But I don't like it.  So, I took everything off my desk and went through it.  I recycled about a ream of paper!  In those patterned three ring binders that you can see standing up behind my adding machine, I had all these ideas printed out for cards I could make with the stamp sets I have.  The only problem with that is, if you remember, last summer I got rid of a bunch of stamp sets.  I went from 3 binders down to one that's not even full. (this was before I had a computer that could hold a lot of pictures.  Now I get card ideas by saving the picture into different "albums" on iPhoto)

I also had a lot of books and other stuff piled on top of those drawers that hold my card stock.  I wanted more room on my desk, so I found a place for those things....or got rid of some of it.  My desk is rather large, but for the purpose of that room at this time, it works very well.  Plus it was free! It came from my husband's office.  It's one of those very sturdy metal desks that they made in the 50's or 60's to last.  It's got a laminate top that reminds me of a table in a diner, but it's great for crafts cause it's smooth and flat and easy to clean.  Of course the way it is, there is just too much to move to be able to use it for crafts.

The only shopping I had to do for next week's final organization is a can of spray paint.  Yep, spray paint.  I'm just going to leave you hanging on that one....tune in next week to see what I did that changed my home office A LOT for only $2.86!

Until Next TIme.....

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