Wednesday, March 28, 2012

The Proverbs 31 Wife - Week Twenty Seven

Question #27:  What are you passionate about?  How does this fit in with your role as wife?

I had to re-read that section of the book and ponder a while (pages 119-121).  The answer to that question has changed a lot over the course of our marriage.  Now, I might sound a little 1950's home-ec bookish here but, right now I am passionate about being a good wife and a better follower of Christ and that is all.  I no longer care near as much about acting in dramas or singing on the praise team.  I definitely don't care about racking up more professional development for my job or what certificates I can earn or what committees I could chair or what new programs I could learn about and bring back to the job.  

My whole focus right now is taking care of my family, which includes taking care of the household in most ways....except really anything outside.  And spending more time in the Word through study and then putting it into action through church, relationships, and teaching others what I can.  I've said before that I treat this like my full time job.  I get up shortly after my husband (come I really need to get up at 5:30...6 is just fine!) and I start my work day just as he starts his.  Taking care of my home and family is my 9-5 job....or rather my 7-4 job.  I schedule everything I have to do including errands, Bible study, cooking, cleaning, laundry, bill paying and exercising.  I try to be finished by 4 everyday so that I can start dinner and then have the evenings and weekends free to enjoy with my family and at church functions.

At this point, doing this blog is kind of my treat.  I've gotten a pattern down with these series and what days I do recipes.  I have certain times dedicated to working on this just like everything else.  In a way I still feel like I'm teaching, only now I get to teach what I want to teach.  (I really disliked April in school, it's poetry month...never did like poetry much)  It also helps me to keep accountable in my new role as full time wife.    If I am telling you that you should do or try something, I am also doing it.  This series has helped me be more aware of the kind of wife I am and the areas I need to work on.  The organizational series is whipping my house into shape making it more of a sanctuary then just a place.  And by trying the recipes first, we have discovered some new foods and taken the boring out of everyday cooking.

Most of all, I love how I now have more time than I have ever had in my life to spend studying God's Word.  At this time, I am doing three different Bible studies not counting working through this book and being a part of a small group.  The studies are all so very different that I look forward to each one. I wouldn't recommend trying to do that many studies at once, but they just happened to overlap a little.  I only have one day and one video left of Brave by Angela Thomas and I am doing The Story with a friend who can only meet twice a month, so it's not really as much as it sounds.  The third one is James by Beth Moore.  I'm only in the second week and I can tell I'm going to learn A LOT!!  I'm learning so much right now, and I am so blessed that I have this time to be at home and do these things.  I may not be able to stay at home forever.  I might have to find a job by next year depending on how things go, but for right now I'm right where I want AND need to be.  Thank you, God!!

What about you?  How would you answer that question?  There was a long time in my life that I would have had to say that there was nothing I was really passionate about.  Then there was a little bit of time where I would have had to say that my passions really had nothing to do with my role as a wife.  I am very blessed to have those things aligned right now.  Are you out of alignment?  Are there some changes you need to make?  Is there a conversation you need to have with your husband?  Or maybe you simply need to find a passion to begin with.  Whatever the case may be, pray about it first.  Ask God for His will to be done in this area and to not let your own ideas of passion outweigh what is really best for you.  That can be hard to do.  But trust me that I speak from experience in this area, and it was so worth the wait!

Until Next Time.....

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