Monday, March 12, 2012

1 year to an Organized Life - March Week Two

I found these chore charts at Staples (an office store) and also saw a little smaller one at Target.

This week you can:
  • learn how to be an effective multitasker
  • delegate chores and tasks to others
  • say no with ease and add power to your yes
  • learn to visualize your goals
  • tame your electronic pests
I am so glad Regina is addressing multitasking!  I have had a problem with this ever since I first heard the term years ago as other people started defining it.  Talking on the phone while answering an email is not what I would call multitasking.  Oh I know a lot of people do, but those are the kind of people I like to call "wrong".  You are actually doing three people a disservice with that activity.  You cannot be giving your full attention to the phone call, you cannot be giving your full attention to the email, and you will eventually make mistakes from not having your full attention on something.  

Real multitasking is EXACTLY how Regina describes it this week.  One activity is somewhat suspended while you do the second.  Perfect example; right now I am writing this blog post while the dryer is running.  Later today, I will still be working on the blog while more laundry is going AND dinner is cooking in the crock pot.  Technically I am doing three things at once, but I do not need to stare at the dryer or the crock pot, thereby giving my full attention to typing.  I really like the other ideas she gives too.  Always take something with you to read or write while waiting somewhere like the doctors office or for an oil change.  Always be doing something while watching TV.  I like to take this time to go through mail and then put it in the recycle bin right next to my chair when I'm done.  Also, if you stand up and march during the commercials, if you raise your feet 6-12 inches from the floor and swing both arms, you can burn about 150 calories in 25 minutes!

Learning to delegate was hard for me, but I mastered it a few years back.  I always thought that no one could do it as good as I could, so I might as well do it myself.  Unfortunately that still happens when the person I delegated to did a half way job, but for the most part it has really helped out.  The above pics are chore charts for the whole family combined with appointments and meals.  A great way to have all the family info in one spot.  Teach your kids how to do a chore then assign it to them and take one thing off your plate.  Most kids could unload a dishwasher, or put towels away, or maybe dust or run the vacuum.  You'll also be helping them learn responsibility, always a good thing!

Next, it's time to learn to say no to doing way too many things and that also means learning to control email and phones.  You don't have to answer every single thing the second it comes in, you will drive yourself crazy.  Maybe you need to make a schedule.  For example, you'll work for two straight hours then while having a snack you'll check emails.  And while you are at it schedule in ME time and FAMILY time.  You DO NOT have to say yes to everything everyone asks of you.  These two things can be hard to learn in this hurry, hurry world.  I'll let that sink in for you and you find what works for you.

Until Next Time.....

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